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Spooky Maine Coons is family run cattery that specializes in the majestic and beautiful European Maine Coon bloodlines.


We have just recently established ourselves as new responsible breeders located in central indiana.


We have been taught and guided by amazing mentors and have made sure that all of our breeding Maine Coons are properly tested.

 We hold ourselves to a high level of ethics and unquestionable morals. 

Please browse our website for more information and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

- Eric & Coree

Our Family

Growing up there was nothing more exciting than going to grandma & Grandpa's farm to visit and take care of all the kittens in the barn. After obsessing over fluffy, beautiful large cats, it was only fate that eventually we would own a maine coon ourselves.  After researching so much into Maine coons and falling in love with the breed, it sparked our enthusiasm and began our journey to become breeders of European Maine coons.


We at Spooky Maine Coons live with all of our cats inside our home. We guarantee that every kitten that comes from us will be raised by playing and socializing with us and our two young children before they go to their forever home.


Our Vision

While the name of our cattery is "Spooky" Maine Coons. We want to reassure everyone that our European Maine coons are loving and gentle giants. The word "Spooky" comes from their physical characteristics: such as feral looking face and large in size. We also specialize in specific color coats  such as black, black smoke, black silver, blue, blue smoke, brown/black tabby, which we believe are the most majestic and "spooky".

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