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  • Is Spooky Maine Coons a registered cattery?
    Yes, Spooky Maine Coons is regesistered with The International Cat Association(TICA) listed as "Spookymainecoon"
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Central Indiana
  • Are your cats purebred main coons?
    Yes, we specialize in 100% purebred European Maine Coons.
  • How big do your cats get?
    Maine coons can take up to 3-5 years to reach their max size. As we can not guarantee the size of every kitten, our cats do run on the larger side compared to the average maine coon. When looking for breeding cats we were very specific in what qualities we wanted to specialize in: very large in size, with a specific color/pattern. Do note that our male cat is not fixed, so he will be slightly smaller than kittens that are raised as pets. Once a kitten is sprayed/neutered their hormones will change resulting them to grow larger then cats who raised to breed.
  • At what age do kittens go home?
    Kittens go home between 10-12 weeks.
  • How much are your kittens?
    Our prices are listed under our "Kitten Tab"
  • After we receive our kitten how long do we have before we have to take it to the vet?
    By contract you have three business days to have your kitten checked out by your veterinarian of choice.
  • In the contract it states our new kitten must be spray/neuter prior to receiving documentation.
    Yes, the contract you sign prior to receiving your kitten states you agree to have your kitten sprayed/neutered around 6 months, after documentation proof you will then receive official registered TICA documentation on your kitten.
  • Do you sell breeding rights?
    No, we currently do not sell breeding right for our kittens. We are still new breeders and this is a topic we will revist in appoximately five years.
  • Do you recommend to declaw your cats?
    No, we do not declaw any of our cats, and do not recommend it.
  • Are any of your kittens Polydactyl?
    Our cats do not carry Polydactyl in their lines
  • What DNA service do you use?
    We use Optimal Selection for our genetic testing
  • Do you allow people to visit your cattery or see kittens before purchase?
    We are a closed cattery and do not let anyone visit kittens or our cattery to protect our cats from outside viruses.
  • Do you ship ship kittens.
    We can deliver kittens but it will be expensive, as we would have to deliver them ourselves, reach out to us about pricing options.
  • Where do we pick our kitten up at?
    We do not allow pickups at our direct home address, but we will meet at a location in Tipton, Indiana in a public area.
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