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Spooky Maine Coon Kittens!

Looking for amazing European Maine coon kitten? You came to the right place! please review the information below to see our kitten pricing, general kitten information, and how to obtain one of our precious babies.

Kitten Prices

​Males     $2700​

Females $2100

accepted payment types:

 Cash, Venmo, zelle, paypal, check(Deposit's only)

If you have been looking at buying a Maine coon kitten, then you already know the demand is very high resulting in long waitlist and higher price tags.  Kitten prices are non negotiable and we only sell kittens as pets, we do not offer breeding rights for any of our kittens. 

we are not a kitten mill and take pride in our European lines resulting in only several litters a year. This is why it is extremely important we only sell kittens to families we are comfortable with.

Available Kittens
Join our waitlist to get a kitten this summer & fall!!

How Do I get a Kitten?

Step 2

Ask us Questions

If you have any questions make sure to check out our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page.

If your question is not already answered feel free to reach out to us. We breed Maine Coons as a hobby and still have full time careers, so please be patient if you do not get a response right away. 

Methods of making contact with us:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Message us directly 


Step 3

Reserve your kitten

We have created a waiting list for our kittens in 2023. To sign up it is $200 and this amount will go towards the kittens total cost. Once kittens are cleared they will be offered to our waiting list, if there are still available kittens after the waiting list they will then be posted on our social media (Facebook & Instagram).

Around eight weeks of age kittens will be evaluated and cleared by our veterinarian. We will make announcements social media prior to us opening kitten reservations.

We will then allow our kittens to be reserved with a deposit (%20 kitten price) & a kitten contract must be signed by the buyers, after we ask several questions to make sure the future home and family is a good fit for our kittens.

Kittens will be ready for pick up once they reach approximately 12 weeks old.

***We take pride in our little ones and would never send them to their forever homes without knowing they will receive the care and love they need. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason from being able to purchase one of our kittens***

Maine Coon Characteristics

What are the main difference between other breeds of cats and Maine coons? What is the difference between an American Maine coon and European Maine coon? How would you describe Maine coons temperament?



Maine Coons

3-5 Years

Regular Cats




15-28 Lbs

25-40 Inches

10-16 Inches

8-12 Lbs

20-30 Inches

9-10 Inches

1-2 Years

Reach Max Size

These numbers are all estimates for male cats. Maine Coon females will be a bit smaller than males.

American Maine Coon vs European Maine Coon

European Bloodline Maine Coons display a more "feral" look.. They display a strong square muzzle, higher cheekbone while their counterpart(American Maine Coons) have a softer looking face. Even though European Maine Coons display a more exotic "feral" look, this does not affect their temperament, as they are very docile and loving cats just like their counterparts. Both European and American Bloodlines are amazing family cats as they love to display affection to their loved ones. 

Spooky Maine Coons specializes in European Bloodlines, as we love the feral and majestic look.

Health Concers

Health Concerns

Maine coons are prone to several health issues. It is extremely important that before you buy a kitten you are aware of these issues and make sure the parents of the kitten have been properly tested. We at spooky Maine coons guarantee to dna test all of breeding cats to make sure you are protected from these dangerous hereditary concerns.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) 

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a hereditary condition whereby cats are born with cysts growing on their kidneys. During the course of a Maine Coons lifespan these cysts will increase in size, at varying rates.

Most cysts grow slowly and are not usually evident until a Maine Coon reaches seven years old. If any of these pockets of fluid grow too large though, they may impact the cat’s kidney functions, resulting in kidney failure. Polycystic kidney disease is caused by an autosomal dominant gene abnormality. Cats only need one parent to be infected with the defective gene, to inherit PKD.


Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the commonest form of heart disease in cats and it is even more common in Maine Coons.  HCM is when the thickness of the heart wall increases abnormally resulting in multiple problems and at some stage prevents normal heart function and heart failure develops. 


Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a condition that causes a cat’s spinal muscles to slowly degenerate, causing the cat to have a weak or abnormal gait. While the condition is neither painful nor fatal, cats with SMA require extra care and attention.

You can check out each of our cats dna testing by clicking on the button "Optimal-DNA Testing" on each king & Queen's profile page.

New Kitten Care

Getting a new kitten isn't a complicated process but there are some requirements when you receive your kitten, as well as some recommendations to get your kitten acquainted with their new family.

Travelling with a brand new kitten

When you first receive your kitten, make sure to bring a carrier, we do not recommend driving with your kitten outside of the carrier. Kittens usually travel pretty well, but meeting their new family can cause stress on a kitten. It is important to limit the amount of stress, because too much stress could lower a kittens immune system.

Kitten arriving at his/her new home

When first arriving at your home with a new kitten it is imperative that the kitten remains completely isolated from any other animals. By the contract you sign before receiving your kitten you must have a vet appointment within 72 hours of arriving at home. The best place for a kitten in a new home is a small area with a litter box, food, water, and somewhere comfortable to sleep while the kitten gets use to his new home. After your vet appointment you can then let the kitten and other pets smell each other underneath the door to get use to each other. Once the kitten is more comfortable with you, put your other animals in a locked room for bit and let the kitten explore. Our kittens are raised with kittens and are use to other pets running around, so your main concern should be how your current pet adapts to your new kitten.. Most likely the kitten will want to play with his new friends so make sure everyone is comfortable before you let them out together alone.

Your first vet appointment

During your first vet appointment you will need to discuss your options with your vet, but most likely they will want you to have the kitten receive another FVRCP and Rabies Vaccines. We highly recommend not to get both on the same vet appointment due because each vaccine will lower a kittens immune system, remember your kitten just moved into his new home and is most likely already stressed out. We also suggest a fecal analysis to make sure your kitten does not need one last round of deworming.


What vaccines/treatment will your kitten receive from us?

Week3- Deworming

Week 4- FVRC Vaccine (Non Panleukopenia)

Week 6- Deworming

Week 7- FVRC Vaccine

Week 8- Deworming

Week 11- FVRCP Vaccine

These are estimated dates, as we base them on the current kitten development and health before each vaccine is given.

New Kitten Care
Kitten Contract
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